Below is a list of programs the RMDSA offers to parents, families, adults, teenagers, and children:


This program connects new and expectant parents with a trained parent volunteer who also has a child with Down syndrome. These volunteers are here to talk at any time, whether it is in the hospital, at your own home, in a coffee shop, via email, or on the phone. They are parents who have walked many miles in your shoes…and they are here for you.

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We provide community groups across the region. Our goal is to help parents meet with other families to connect, share resources, and provide mutual support. We currently have more than 20 Community Groups across the Rock Mountain Region. Please call us at 303.797.1699 to be connected to your local Community Group leader. Learn More

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Connect with other grandparents through our grandparent community groups. Learn, grow, and share with others like you. Please call us at 303.797.1699 to be connected to your local Community Group leader.


RMDSA offers a meal voucher to any family of an individual with Down syndrome who is hospitalized for more than 48 hours. This meal voucher is to help offset some of the costs associated with eating while away from home while a loved one is in the hospital. If you would like to receive a meal voucher, please contact Meg at or call 303.797.1699 for more information.

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HVE is a life skills training program for adult self-advocates. Students attend classes on Wednesday or Thursday evenings on the University of Denver campus. Learn More

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RMDSA works with pediatricians, OB/GYNs, nurses, geneticists, and many others in the medical community in order to ensure that when a diagnosis is delivered, it is done in a factual non-biased manner. The goal of this outreach is to leave expectant parents with information that will lead to an educated decision as they deliberate on what is in store for them and their child with Down syndrome. We also consult with new parents and help them understand that they are not alone and what resources are available to them and their child. RMDSA strives to provide the medical community with accurate, updated, and relevant information in a timely manner. We are available for presentations and trainings for medical staff across the Rocky Mountain region. For more information contact Mary Ann Barwick at 303.797.1699 or RMDSA is not a pro-life or pro-choice organization; we are pro-information. We act as a non-directional resource to medical professionals and to parents receiving a diagnosis. Learn More


Contact Mary Ann Barwick at or call 303.797.1699 for more information. Learn More

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