Having a baby is perhaps one of the most profound moments in someone’s life. You are over the moon, thrilled, excited, filled with expectation and inexplicable love. You daydream about what your baby will be like, you plan the nursery, start thinking of names. It’s like every holiday and every birthday and every amazing vacation rolled into one!

But, of course, along with the joy and overwhelming bliss, every expectant and new parent worries. A little doubt and anxiety are not uncommon emotions.

When parents are given a pre- or postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome those feelings are, quite naturally, amplified. Some expectant parents react by experiencing intense emotions at first: shock, dismay, fear, anger, sadness, and grief. Please know that every one of these emotions is perfectly normal.

It is our hope that through the information and support found at RMDSA, you will be able to gain an understanding of your feelings, of your baby’s unique needs, and of the love your baby has to offer. Your baby may not be exactly as you had dreamed, but please let us assure you that your baby is a baby first and foremost, and this unexpected diagnosis is only a part of who your child is.

My Future is Bright!

– I will walk, talk and be independent
– I have my own opinion
– I will graduate high school
– I can go to college
– I will work or volunteer or both
– I will vote
– I can live independently
– I can date and get married
– I have my own DREAMS for my FUTURE

We are here to offer perspective and hope. We are here as an ally and as support to you and your family along every part of your journey. Please call us at 303.797.1699 to speak with Meg, our family program manager, discuss your questions and concerns, and request one of our free New Parent Packets.


If you are in the hospital and would like someone to visit you, simply reach out to Meg, our Family Program Manager. Meg is happy to schedule a time to meet you in your hospital room for a visit.

Please call us at 303.797.1699 to schedule a visit.