Grandparent Groups

When a child is born or diagnosed with a disability, parents are not alone in their concerns. Grandparents are anxious too, both for their grandchild and for their child whose life is affected by the diagnosis. Join the grandparent community group for advice and to learn from the experiences of our members. Though your journey may be unexpected, it will be amazing. We are here to support you along the way. There is no road map for how to be a grandparent of a beautiful baby who happens to have an extra chromosome, but our members find it helpful to meet with other grandparents on a regular basis.

Our meetings are open, we listen, we laugh, and we compare notes about doctor appointments, and discuss what our families are going through at school, with their friends, in team sports and in therapy. We share and learn about new experiences like horse therapy, scouts, adaptive recreation, and community services. There is always something new. Sometimes we meet for breakfast just to socialize. This group is about friendship. There are never any judgements, and we respect that we are all as different and as unique as our children and grandchildren.

Some of us have family members with Down syndrome who live out of state. This is a terrific way to stay connected to the Down syndrome family and we welcome you to join us. Participation is an opportunity to help our children, extended families and ourselves as we adjust to our new lives. We have shared many wonderful stories with tears, laughter and a lot of love. We have learned together that many of our fears, hopes, wishes and joys are not so different. Call 303-797-1699 to connect with a grandparent group