The issues facing parents of adult children with Down syndrome might include:

    • Housing: What living arrangements are best-suited to your child?
    • Employment: What kind of job is your child equipped to do?
    • Medical: What unique medical issues arise as your child becomes an adult? Where do we get help?
      • RMDSA is happy to be a Benefactor of the Global Medical Care Guidelines for Adults with Down Syndrome
      • Guardianship and legal questions
      • Financial Planning: How do you make sure your child is taken care of after you’re gone, especially if he/she needs long-term care?
      • How does your child navigate the world without you?
    We can address and provide support with all of these questions. Please refer to our Adult Down Syndrome Resource Guide.
After the pre- or postnatal diagnosis that was given early in a child’s life, parents may go through what we call a “second mourning.” It’s not unusual for some of the same confusion and anxiety you remember from those days so long ago to resurface as you try and figure out the next chapter of your adult child’s life.
Helpful Video Links:
Independent Living
Special Needs Planning
Special Needs Trusts
Wills, Power of Attorney, & Estate Planning

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