Mac Macsovits – Executive Director

Mac has made a career working in the non-profit sector. Having begun his career teaching at Cherry Creek High school, he then moved on to The Nature Conservancy (Colorado Field Office) where he was a Major Gift fundraiser. Responsible for raising gifts of over $50,000, his time at TNC was spent building relationships within Colorado, and also nationally. After the birth of Guion, his first son, Mac and his wife Rebecca learned that Guion had Down syndrome. Mac decided to leave TNC due to a heavy traveling schedule to concentrate on learning more about his new son and the world of Down syndrome. Mac began volunteering for Special Olympics Colorado which eventually led to a paid position as the Director of Development for that organization. Having been a part of the RMDSA family he was aware that the organization was in the process of searching for a new Executive Director, so Mac made it known that he had an interest in the position and formally joined RMDSA as the second Executive Director in February of 2009. Mac has his Bachelor of Science from Pfeiffer University in North Carolina and his Masters of Education from Vanderbilt University: Peabody College. Mac and his wife Rebecca have three children; Guion, Hoke, and Rae.

Mary Ann Barwick – Volunteer Coordinator & Outreach Manager

Mary Ann came on as a part-time bookkeeper in 2009 and began her full-time career with RMDSA in August of 2011. She and her husband, Jim, are the parents of two sons, Justin and Zachary. She has a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Colorado and began her professional career in financial services until taking time off to raise her children. In addition to serving as our bookkeeper, Mary Ann plans and organizes all of RMDSA’s events, including major annual undertakings such as the Step Up Walk, the Tee Up Golf Tournament, and the Holiday Party; visits doctors, nurses and midwives all over the region to provide training, medical updates, and information about our services; trains and coordinates our volunteers, and oversees our Young Professionals Board. She is delighted to work with the families and the staff at RMDSA.

Megan Reynolds – Family Programs Manager & Community Group Leader

Meg was Secretary for the RMDSA Board of Directors until she came onboard with RMDSA as staff in February of 2016. She has a business degree from Western International University, and before signing on as our Family Programs Manager, she ran her own insurance agency for seven years. Meg has two children: Madison and Austin. When Meg and her husband first learned that Austin has Down syndrome, she immediately signed on as a First Call and office volunteer for RMDSA. As Family Program Manager, Meg is in charge of our First Call program, serving as the primary point of contact for new and expecting families. She also helps connect families who are new to the area to resources, trains our First Call volunteers, and meets with families whose children have extended stays in metro area hospitals.

Candace Belen Morales – Office Manager

Candace Belen joined RMDSA the summer of 2017 as a volunteer. December 2017 she transitioned into a career with RMDSA as our Spanish Family Liaison and added Office Manager to her title June of 2018. Belen’s sister Angelita has Down syndrome and is the reason she chose a career at RMDSA. Belen is the First Call Program Coordinator, serving as primary point of contact for new and expecting Spanish speaking families.  Belen also coordinates and attends Cromosoma del Amor community group meetings while offering support and resources for Spanish speaking families across the Rocky Mountain region. Belen is passionate about finding resources and supporting families who have children with Down syndrome. Growing up, she watched her family struggle to find resources for her sister with Ds and hopes she can provide a better experience for the families RMDSA serves. Belen’s sister Angelita is her best friend with superhuman strength.

Ben Karp – Education Program Coordinator

Ben is joining RMDSA as the new Education Program Coordinator. He will be the primary point of contact for all of our education services including IEP consultations, Higher Visions for Education programs, as well as expanding education outcomes for families with Down Syndrome. Ben has worked in the disability community for over four years and is passionate about providing students, families and schools with the right tools to make sure students with Down Syndrome thrive in their educational environment. Before joining RMDSA, Ben worked as Project Manager for the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA) and as Field Coordinator for All Hands & Hearts. Ben holds a B.S. in Marketing and Multinational Business from Florida State University and a Master’s of Public Health from the University of Edinburgh. 

Sally McCance – MA, SP.ED.

Sally is the Program Coordinator and co-instructor of our Higher Visions for Education program. She has been working in the field of special education since 2004 and has been with RMDSA for 5 years. She is a licensed Special Education Generalist teacher in the state of Colorado and has a Master’s Degree in Special Education. Her professional interests include curriculum development for the acquisition of life skills, strategy development for community inclusion and independence, job coaching, applied behavior analysis and data collection, health and wellness, technology training and universal design. Sally lives in Castle Rock with her husband, two young children, and rescue dog. In her free time, she enjoys trail running and reading.

Scott Quicke – MA, LPC.

Scott specializes in education and cognitive behavioral therapy for people with intellectual disabilities through an active psychotherapy practice. Scott leads groups and classes on a variety of topics including social skills, relationships and sexuality, and anger management. He also facilitates staff trainings related to mental health issues in people with intellectual disabilities. Scott co-leads the Higher Visions for Education program. He has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and he is on the Human Rights Committee for Adams County.

Rosie Weigel – Lead Instructor

Rosie specializes in behavior analysis for people of all ages with intellectual disabilities through ABA therapy. Rosie co-leads the Higher Visions for Education program at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Clinical Rehabilitation from California State University, Fullerton and is receiving her BCaBA (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst) certification from Florida Institute of Technology.

Linda Tegtmeier – M.Ed

Linda has been working in the education field for nearly 30 years. She worked as an Early Intervention Coordinator and Playgroup Director at The Resource Exchange as well as a Vocational Instructor for adults with disabilities with the UCCS Self-Determination Project while completing her graduate work. Linda has worked as a preschool teacher, special education teacher for students 5-21 years, and transition coordinator in Colorado Springs school districts. Later, Linda joined the Colorado Department of Education as a Secondary Transition Specialist then Supervisor for the Secondary Transition and Results Driven Accountability Team. Her work encompassed statewide IEP monitoring and special education training in addition to working with national partners to lead federal efforts in special education practices and policies. Linda has an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Great Falls, Montana, as well as a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Masters in Special Education from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Linda and her husband Robert reside in Black Forest, Colorado and have two sons and two granddaughters.