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- First Call - <more info>
This program connects new and expectant parents with a trained parent volunteer who also has at least one child with Down syndrome. These volunteers are here to talk at any time, whether it is in the hospital, at your own home, in a coffee shop, via email, or on the phone. They are parents who have walked many miles in your shoes…and they are here for you.

- Community Groups - <more info>

RMDSA also offers groups in various areas around Colorado for those families interested in meeting with other parents and their children in a group setting. Please give us a call if you'd like to learn more about these groups.

- Meal Voucher Program -
RMDSA offers a meal voucher to any family whose child with Down syndrome is hospitalized for more than 48 hours. This meal voucher is to help offset some of the costs associated with eating while away from home while a loved one is in the hospital. If you would like to receive a meal voucher, please contact laurieh@rmdsa.org or call 303.756.9979 for more information.


For Adults
  - Higher Visions - <more info>
Higher Visions for Education is continuing education for adults with Down syndrome to develop and enrich independent living and social skills.  Higher Visions is interactive and applies social learning theory and awareness of the strengths of individuals with Down syndrome to explore a variety of topics to learn essential adult living concepts in a fun and meaningful way.  Higher Visions collaborates with family, caregivers and other professionals to develop authentic, real-life applications of these important life skills.

School Age
- PSP - <more info>
Parents and Schools in Partnership (PSP). This program addresses the needs of the educators as they strive to better serve students with Down syndrome. Parents and educators have similar concerns, common goals, objectives, and many of these require the same resources in order to be achieved. This program will empower classroom educators to best serve those students with Down syndrome. By acting as a conduit between teachers and parents the Down syndrome Specialists will be in a position to alleviate unnecessary calls from parents while at the same time, acting in the child's best interest at a given school. The goal being that RMDSA is a resource to these teachers and Specialists in the least intrusive manner. As more teachers are entering the field for the first time in history we hope that this program helps new teachers understand that they are supported by their school district along with the community at large.

Healthcare Partnerships

Medical Outreach
RMDSA works with pediatricians, OB/GYN's geneticists, etc. in order that when a diagnosis is delivered, it is done in a factual non-biased manner leaving the expectant parents with information that will lead to an educated decision and for the new parents help them understand that they are not alone and what resources are availableto them and their new child. RMDSA strives to provide the medical community with accurate, updated, and relevant information in a timely manner.

Social Group

16 years +
- Get Down Teen/Adult Friendship Group - <more info>

The Get Down Group is for individuals with Down syndrome 16 years old and above. We gather for fun social events that safe and fairly inexpensive. Past events have included dinner & a movie, indoor games, the gathering within the Holiday Party. Our hope is that these events will help to bring about fun social interaction as well as a greater sense of community. We strive to keep our events as safe and fun as possible by having volunteers and a staff member present during every activity. There is also a desire to see everyone included so we make it a conscious point to have our events in different locations around the metro area. We hope you will want to a part of the fun!

Contact Gilby (Program Coordinator) for more information or to get on our emailing list.

Help for Parents
Request additional information
for New Parents


Community Groups
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community groups



Information on any of these volunteer opportunities, or download the RMDSA Volunteer Application.

RMDSA Newsletter The current issue of RMDSA Newsletter.

Inspiring Stories
Along the lines of the "Chicken Soup" stories, RMDSA would like to inspire the world with our own heartwarming stories and words of wisdom.

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